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    竞博电竞官方网址-竞博球讯-竞博足球比分 Is located in "Ceramics Capital of China"---Chaozhou. It is a large porcelain industry integrated science, research and sales that was established in 1998. The main products are almost thousands of styles, with various high middle tea-sets, decorative and gift porcelain, artistic porcelain etc.
    "People oriented innovation, qualified victory"----the management office of Xianglong company deeply understand the enterprises operation strategies. They bring in a lot of competent staff in and out China, adopt the advanced technology of porcelain making and scientific management system out of China; it ensures the motivation for high quality in Xianglong Porcelain.
    In recent years, Xianglong is developing at a highly rapid speed. It first sets up the "brand Strategy" and "brand extending strategies" in the similar industries. It established enterprise's reputation; striving for being stronger and larger; now it is the largest manufactory for the production of tea sets in China. There are several sub-factories in Xianglong, offering a start-to-finish service.
    With the good design, consummate skills and the reputation of honesty, Xianglong Porcelains have been exported to Europe, America, south-east Asia, Middle East, etc. And it is also popular in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai. It wins the compliments and trust around the world.

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